Chlorine Resistant Swimwear Just Got A Sexy Makeover!

Whether you're an elite athlete or you just love to swim for fun, FiT by Robb & Lulu has the perfect swimwear for you.

FiT, has created hand-illustrated, feminine pieces which are designed to stay on in the water. They have a super slinky hand feel and the fabric is unlike anything else on the market! You will simply feel like a fish in the water!

We are creating pieces for everyone in the family. We have a Ladies range, Girls, Boys and Mini collection. 

FiT swimwear is bringing sports-luxe to the sport elite! 

Robb & Lulu want to change the way athletes look at swimwear. We want to create pieces which make them feel beautiful and strong. Why can't you train like an olympian and look like a model? 

Well, now you can!

Robb & Lulu recently shot their new FiT swimwear campaign with Australian Olympic Athlete, Tessa Wallace and Swedish Swimming star, Jessica Eriksson.

See a small glimpse of our campaign shoot below.

FiT swimwear will be launching in March 2017.

Unbeatable Quality for Invincible Athletes (2).jpg