Life isn’t always a holiday is it? It really should be.

Unfortunately most of us don't have the luxury of diving into the sea every morning and leaving with the perfect amount of salt in our hair to give us those luscious waves.

Sometimes, even when we do get the chance to dive into the sea, our hair looks more like a catastrophic beehive than a Victoria’s Secret model. 

I feel I can speak on behalf of all women when I say, there is nothing sexier than effortless beach waves! However, unless you surf everyday like Alana Blanchard, these beach waves don’t come naturally.

For most of us... we have to work for it!

So, if looking like a mermaid is your goal (obviously everyone), then keep on reading because we have a step-by-step guide to help you get the hair you've always wanted.

And the best part’s pretty easy!

Robb & Lulu x

STEP 1 : Mentally prepare yourself. Because after you’ve followed these steps you’re not going to be able to handle how good you look. You will be swatting away boys like flies. Be prepared.

STEP 2 : After you’ve finished some necessary mental preparation, grab yourself some good quality sea salt spray. We love the one from Bumble and Bumble because it has a little touch of oil in it, or Toni and Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray.

Sea salt spray is definitely worth investing in and with both costing less then $30, you won’t have to skip your brunch plans.

STEP 3 : Spray all over your hair.

You don’t want your hair to end up feeling wet, but make sure you’ve covered both the top and bottom layer. It is a good idea to twist little pieces of hair as you go. 

STEP 4 : Time for things to heat up! Get that curling iron out.

We prefer the iron where you use your fingers to wrap your hair around the barrel rather than the clip, like the Babybliss Pro Dreamer Iron. However, both are fine.

You can even use your straighten to do it!! If you’re a nifty hair wizard and all!

STEP 5 : Grab small sections of your hair with your fingers and wrap the hair around the iron. We like to wrap the hair in the direction that is AWAY from the face.

Wait for 6-7 seconds and then let go. 

You don’t need to section your hair off perfectly. Remember...this hairstyle should look natural. Beach hair and ‘perfect’ don't mix.

STEP 6 : After you’ve finished curling your hair, spray it with some hair spray. This should help the curls last all day.

STEP 7 : The secret ingredient which is always overlooked is Dry Shampoo! We use is Batiste, however we also recommend KLORANE and TRESemmé.

Spray the Dry Shampoo on top of your head where your part is and underneath the front sections near your face. Fluff your hair at the top and front to give it some height and life.

STEP 9 : You’re nearly done!  All you have to do, is brush out those curls!

Use fingers ONLY. Put that brush away!

With your fingers brush out the curls to soften them. Apply dry shampoo for volume where desired. You’re allowed to go a little dry shampoo crazy.

STEP 10 : Now the final step.

Look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself a little wink. You’ve done it girl. You just mastered the beach babe look in five minutes. Off to work you go...Oh and if anyone asks, just say you went for a morning surf. Because you know...that’s what real beach babes do.