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SS 19/20 Collection:
Birds of Passage

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Dreamed up as a celebration of Mother Nature’s majestical beauty, our Birds Of Passage collection invites you to fall in love with the beauty of life.

Float through sun-drenched days and balmy weather evenings in designs that take you effortlessly from beach, to restaurant, to bar, and to wherever your adventures take you.

Our swimwear and resort wear apparel is adorned with one-of-a-kind prints, that are first hand-illustrated with watercolour dyes, paint or pencil, before being transformed into a digital creation. This unique artwork is designed by artist and our label’s co-founder, Lulu Zagame.

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The mesmerising Birds of Passage apparel collection features skirts, scarves, kaftans, dresses and jumpsuits, made from materials that are as divinely soft to wear as they are kind to the earth. Our eco-friendly silks are vegan and our cotton is certified organic.

Discover Robb & Lulu’s eco luxe materials…

Organic Orange Fibre Silk

Crafted from the by-product of citrus juice production, this incredible material gives new life to citrus pulp that would otherwise be wasted.

Citrus cellulose is extracted from the leftovers of industrial fruit squeezing, and is spun into yarn to transform into a new, eco-luxe material. The resulting fabric is heavenly soft to touch, creating a silk-like material without harming any silk worms.

Through nanotechnology, the fibre is also enriched with citrus fruit essential oils, leaving your skin nourished when you wear our orange silk garments.

Organic Banana Fibre Silk

Derived from the stem of a banana plant, this fibre’s use in textiles dates back to the 13th century. For hundreds of years it has been used by Japanese and Southeast Asian cultures to create exquisite kimonos, artisan rugs, traditional tablecloths and more.

Our banana fibre silk is a natural, biodegradable and plant-based material that is silky-soft, yet very durable.

Utilising this stunning material also helps to support banana farmers with additional income, and makes use of something once considered a waste product; saving on our planet’s resources.

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GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

Organic cotton production is much kinder to the earth (and people) than conventional cotton. It is grown without the use of harmful pesticides or herbicides (which often contain cancer-causing agents), uses significantly less water, supports soil fertility and is grown from natural, non-GMO seeds.

Organic cotton is also dyed with safe, low-impact dyes and is not bleached with toxic chemicals.

The organic cotton we use is certified by GOTS (the world’s leading standard for organic textiles), giving you peace of mind that your Robb & Lulu garments are gentle on your skin and on the environment. GOTS’ social criteria also ensures that our organic cotton is grown and manufactured fairly, with farmers and labourers receiving safe conditions and living wages.

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Dive into a magical world of colour and life with our Birds of Passage swimwear collection.

Just like our apparel, our swimwear designs are embellished with unique, hand-drawn prints.

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Thoughtful Production

Any garment is only as beautiful as the story behind it, so we’re passionate about ensuring our pieces are made fairly.

All of our styles are made ethically in India, in a small, female-run factory, where workers have fair and safe conditions, and receive a living wage. Learn more.

We also use eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging. Our garment bags are made from cornstarch, so you can pop them straight into your garden compost bin with your fruit and vegetable scraps.

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